Ban Plastic Straws Campaign

Project Summary

We have been talking about the bane of single-use plastic for years, and saw the plastic straw as a simple way to get our message across – then the whole world joined in!

Prior to it becoming ‘a thing’ and the ban being put in place, we lobbied the government with regard to the regulation of single-use plastic production, and engaged with schoolchildren on the issue, including running a nationwide competition to design a sea creature paper straw. Also in this area, we worked with the Government of Malta on their move away from single-use plastic in schools and partnered with UK-based manufacturers supplying eco-friendly alternatives so that we could encourage hospitality venues around the world to ditch the plastic straw. All this activity resulted in us taking many millions of pieces of single-use plastic out of circulation.

Your competition sounds a most valuable one and I wish it every success.

Sir David Attenborough
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