Working from home is old hat – it’s now all about working in nature

The Happy Ocean Company has committed to working one day a week outdoors in nature – to harness inspiration and to counter the Working From Home doldrums.

It could be called a WIN-WIN scenario: Working In Nature. As working habits are shifting in the Covid world, The Happy Ocean Company has committed to working in the great outdoors at least one day per week. This, it believes, will bring the dual benefits of prompting lots of inspiration for projects as well as having a strongly positive effect on mental health.

A recent OFCOM report found that since the Covid-19 outbreak, people have been spending a record amount of time online. This coupled with a lack of commute and social interaction can spell problems for both our physical and mental health. The Happy Ocean Company wants to stave off such issues by breaking free from this desk-bound existence – so far they have conducted meetings in Bushy Park, held a planning session on the allotment, and talked strategy while kayaking along the Thames (incorporating a mini river clean at the same time).

As The Happy Ocean Company’s whole raison d’être revolves around encouraging organisations to adopt more sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices, this step away from the boardroom and into nature has been particularly pertinent.

Emma Steele, co-founder at The Happy Ocean Company, explains: “Working from home over the summer really gave us all a taste for non-office life – having the windows open, listening to the birds, it all felt very nourishing. Now that winter is approaching, we want to hold on to that feeling and we figured there was no reason to stop us conducting meetings outdoors – we will just have to wrap up and keep moving!”.

She adds: “One of my best meetings recently was with a colleague on a kayak, paddling along the Thames. We took it in turns to paddle or write in a notepad, and it was really fantastic! Never before have I spotted a kingfisher while discussing spreadsheets. We’ve even persuaded a couple of clients to join us on the kayak, and they really loved it”.

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